ARL 300

Complete Lift Controller System

Definite solutions for hydraulic elevators and elevators with ropes.

Number of Stops
24 Stops
Control Type
Simple Control, One Way Pickup, Two Way Pickup
Drive Type
Double Speed, Hydraulic, VVVF
Group Control
Serial Communication
With cabin
Elevator Speed (Maximum)
1,6 m/s
Cabin Position Information
Magnetic Switch
Automatic Door Control
Single Door, Double Door
Door Bridging
Display Outputs
7 Segments, Gray/Binary Code Output
Programmable Input/Output
Error Record
Up to 60 Faults
Language Options
Turkish, English, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, German, Italian
Compliance to Standards
EN 81/1-2 + A3

Usage Advantages of ARL 300 Complete Elevator Control System

User Control

System parameters that can be adjusted by the user using the LCD and buttons on the card.


Display showing the state of the elevator in normal operation, with the error code in the case of error.

LCD Ekran Ayarı

Contrast Adjustment

Adjustment of contrast (brightness) of LCD Display by keys on the card

Unauthorized Use Prevention

Password and PUK

Menu password protection and privacy

  • Firefighter service and emergency function
  • Release function in case of panic entry and panic
  • Single call, last call and multiple call acceptance optionally adjustable at the motorman control
  • Adjustable parking stop and duration to park
  • Limit the maximum number of records that can be taken from the cabinet
  • Ability to set the direction arrow for the indicators as direction of collection direction or motion + direction of collection
  • Setting the start of the counting of the outputs that are set as Gray or Binary code from the menu
  • Gong time can be set when door is open, slowly passing or after stopping
  • First and last stop settings of elevators with different stops within the group can be done from the menu
  • Adjustable maintenance time and system locking at the end of the maintenance period
  • Can record a desired stop with the keys on the card and can randomly register the desired number of times
  • Manual movement at slow speed with the keys on the card
  • Shaft learning option