ARL 700

Complete Lift Controller System

Controller card for elevators with ropes and hydraulic elevators that are suitable with En81-20.

Number of Stops
64 Stops
Control Type
Single Button Pickup, Double Button Pickup
Drive Type
Hydraulic VVVF
Group Control
Serial Communication
With Floor and Cabin
Elevator Speed ​​(Maximum)
2,5 m/s
Cabin Position Information
Magnetic Switches, Encoder System
Automatic Door Control
Single Door, Double Door
Door Bridging
Display Outputs
7 Segments, Gray/Binary Code LCD Output
Programmable Input/Output
20 Inputs/8 Outputs (4PR + 4PT)
Error Record
Up to 100 Faults
Language Options
Turkish, English (Additional Language Option with Arem)
Compliance to Standards
En 81/1-2/20+A3

Usage Advantages of ARL 700 Complete Lift Control System

Door Bridging

With internal door bridging relays; early door opening and door open level renovation.

Internal Relays

Internal relays for switching between mains and emergency supply (two contactors must be used).

Safety Circuit

48 -230VAC safety circuit voltage.

Hand Terminal Support

AREM Support

ARCODE handheld terminal compatible with AREM user friendly multi-language color TFT screen CANopen any point on the system can be controlled.

Short Stay Travel

Digital well training / Short-stay travel without additional setup and equipment (additional adjustment required).

Ease of Use

Practical LCD Display

All parameter settings can be made via card via LCD screen.


Door opening and quick start.

  • LCD display,
  • Explanatory menu without abbreviation and code
  • Access to any menu via the hand-held terminal via CANbus
  • Record errors together with the date, time and stop number
  • Can control system from any point on CANbus
  • Easy error detection
  • Rapid and reliable update of all units at once with AREM
  • Ability to work with all ARCODE systems
  • SD Card makes it easy to load system parameters, back up, or transfer for easy and fast setup
  • Phase sequence motor protection circuit, Controls supply system problem, monitors motor temperature
  • Emergency rescue function available
  • Communication compatibility with ArcLift
  • Serial communication with ARKEL ADrive via RS485 line
  • Compatible with all ARCODE peripherals