ARL 100

Complete Lift Controller System

Controller card for basic controller systems.

Number of Stops
8 Stops
Control Type
Simple Control
Drive Type
Single Speed / Double Speed
Group Control
Serial Communication
Elevator Speed (Maximum)
1 m/s
Cabin Position Information
Magnetic Switch
Automatic Door Control
Single Door
Door Bridging
Display Outputs
7 Segments
Programmable Input / Output
Error Record
Language Options
Compliance to Standards

Usage Advantages of ARL 100 Complete Elevator Control System

User Control

All system parameters can be adjusted by the user with 3 buttons and digital display on the card.

7 Segment Indicator

7-segment display indicating the stop found in normal operation, warning with relevant error code in case of error.

Signal Outputs

Signal outputs for fire, earthquake, overload, homeland key functions, direction arrows, cabin lights, busy, out of service and automatic door card.

Floor Names

Separate alphanumeric floor names for each stop.

Short Circuit Protection

Short-circuit protected digital and signal outputs.

  • An economical and practical solution for retrofitting and repairing control panels of old elevators.
  • Counter system information method with magnetic switches for cabin position information.