ARL 200 Panel

Compliance to Standards
Number of Stops
16 Stops
Control Type
Simple Control Up or Down Collecting Double Button Collection
Drive Type
Single Speed Double Speed Fast Speed
Elevator Speed (Maximum)
1,6 m/s
Group Control
Serial Communication
With Cabin
Cabin Position Information
Magnetic Switches
Automatic Door Control
Single Door
Door Bridging
Not Available
Display Outputs
7 Segments
Language Options
Turkish, English, Dutch, Romanian, French

Advantages of Using the ARL 200 Panel System

Safety Circuit Connections


Special connection for safety circuit with KBK-5 card support

Binary/Gray Code Outputs

GKS Card

Binary/gray code output with GKS card addition (Optional)

Series Cabinet Installation

RK22 Revision Document

RK22 revision box support and serial cabinet installation (Optional)

Door Control

Door Control

Any kind of automatic door control

  • Parallel cabinet installation
  • Parallel floor installation
  • Double door control with 1 Auto_Kg card addition for each door
  • AKUS-SD afferent to floor with built-in the panel (optional)
  • With MKR-02C motor-phase protection card support
  • With magnetic switch and magnets