Recruitment Management

Hiring Process

Personnel needs of Arkel are satisfied in accordance with the short and medium term targets.

By considering the education level the position requires, we aim at gaining personnel who are open to change and innovation and who can adopt and sustain our values.

While selecting candidates, we consider candidates with potential whether they are suitable for the quality and experience required by the position and for the competence of Arkel, along with the current sectoral conditions.

Experienced and inexperienced candidates are invited to interviews by Human Resources Department specialists and the department authorities who are in need for employees.

Apart from the interviews, for positions, aptitude exams, technical / professional proficiency exams and foreign languages exams are carried out as well.

Open Positions

In accordance with Arkel manpower planning system, experienced and inexperienced personnel is employed. Please click for our candidate search and vacancies.

Wage and Vested Benefits

Charging and Subsidiary Rights

Arkel is a company which rewards successful performances, defines charging levels according to the assumed roles and the level of responsibility that has been taken. Besides it applies a salary system that is appropriate for the economic conditions and general market.

Wage differences are based on the knowledge and experience the job requires. The wage rise is applied according to the market wage surveys and managerial decisions.

Working Hours

Employees’ daily and weekly working hours and relaxation allowance are determined by what the job calls for and by the local conditions, without exceeding the amount of time defined by the labor law . Working hours in practice are between 07.45 – 17.45.


Paid annual leaves in Arkel are applied in accordance with the provision of Labor Law. NO 4857. Accordingly, the employees whose period of service is between 1 and 5 years have a right for 14 days, 20 days for 5 to 15 years of service and 26 days over 15 years of service.

​Private Health Insurance

Our Private Health Insurance meets the health expenses of our employees.