Assistant Cards

Speed Regulator Locking Coil Voltage
12 Vdc or 24 Vdc. Supply and battery connection is sufficient according to the coil voltage.
Maximum Coil Current
Normal Supply
For 12Vdc Coil: 11-14 Vdc For 24Vdc Coil: 20-27 Vdc
Battery Supply
For 12Vdc Coil: 12 Vdc/ 1.2 Ah For 24Vdc Coil: 24 Vdc/1.2 Ah
Internal Battery Charge
With Direct Current Source
Security Circuit Entry
190-230 Vac
Average Power Consumption
When the coil is unpowered and the battery is full: < 1W When the coil is unpowered and the battery is full: < 10W
Dimensions (mm)
120 x 100 x 46 (Width x Length x Height)
Weight (gr)
Without box: 300 With Box: 330
Compliance to Standards
EN 81-1+A3
  • Can be used with 12Vdc or 24Vdc (up to 6A) coil speed governors.
  • Continue to work even if the mains network is disconnected by battery addition. The battery is charged by the Apre card.
  • In case of emergency, the rescue button can be connected so that the speed regulator can be released remotely.
  • The test button can be connected to test the speed governor remotely.
  • Suitable for use on fire lift doors (High speed signal input can be detected).
  • There is an additional locking system on the speed regulators according to EN 81-1 + A3 standard. When this system is de-energized, the speed regulator is kept in the locked position. At this time, if the cabin moves unintentionally in the up or down direction, the security guard (parachute brake) enters the circuit and the cabin is stopped at the allowed distance.
  • The APRe card controls the bobbin of this locking system on the speed governor.
  • ADrive controls the operation of the APRe card and the locking system. In the event of an error on the Apre Card or the locking system, ADrive permanently blocks the lift. This blocked state does not improve even when the power is switched off. A competent person must intervene in order for the elevator to be able to operate again.