With LiftMedia Designer software that has an advanced and flexible graphic interface, you can reshape your indicator in the way you want. You can arrange all settings such as stop writings, stop pictures, direction arrows, logo, background pictures, signal indicators, date, time, weather, audial announcements, music and video playing.

LCD Type
5.7 inch Color TFT Display
Visible Area (mm) Length × Width
115.2 x 86.4
320 x 240 Pixels
Video Playback
Playing Music
Voice Announcement
Date and Time
Working Interface
Parallel Signal CANbus Serial Communication (ARL-500)
Working Position
Horizontal, Vertical
Programming Type
With SD Card
Language Options
Turkish and English
  • 320x240 pixel 5.7 inch color TFT display
  • Video display (approximately 1/4 of the screen)
  • Play music at high quality
  • Audible floor and status announcements (overloaded, out of service, fire, etc.)
  • Ability to show stoppages, stop pictures, direction arrows, logo, background pictures and signal indicators (overload, out of service, fire, emergency rescue, etc.)
  • Ability to add shadow and 3-dimensional effect to all visual items
  • Background images can be changed with the set time
  • Date, time and temperature status indicators
  • User-friendly visual design program with flexible display design possibilities. Supports media file formats with mp3, Mpeg, Avi, WMV, Flv, mp4, m4u and wav extensions.
  • Support for image file formats with BMP, jpeg, gif and png extensions
  • User can change all screen, music and video elements
  • Can be used as cabin or floor display
  • Parallel signal (Gray, binary, Arkel M1 counter) and CANbus serial communication support (with ARL-500)
  • 64 in parallel operation mode, 48 stops in CANbus serial communication mode
  • Work in a horizontal and vertical position (according to design)
  • Ability to set music and announcement volume separately
  • The screen backlight can be switched off after a set period of time (sleep mode feature)
  • Music can be turned off at set time
  • Programmable with SD card. When you copy your design onto the SD card and plug it into LiftMedia, the use will be ready
  • Unlimited alphabet support (Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic letters, etc.) in the screen design when using fonts in the operating system.
  • Can record music and video for hours with SD card included in the product. Option to expand capacity by SDHC card insertion
  • Ability to benefit from future additions via software update via SD card