Dongle for integrated elevator control unit ARCODE

With the Arem Mobile application, you can transfer device parameters to the controller with a single button, firmware version update and commissioning operations. also You can also delete error records.

  • Ease of use with mobile phone and tablet.
  • Wireless, easy to use and portability.
  • Parameter sharing via Whatsapp and e-mail.
  • Possible to see even the smallest detail with strong images.
  • Easy error detection.
  • Fast and reliable updating system  at one time.
  • Supports all ARCODE systems.
  • Different accessibility modes for 3 different users for specific needs (guest, maintenance, installment)
  • Thanks to the AREM MOBILE dongle, you can easily upload and back up system parameters from your mobile device via bluetooth connection and transfer them for easy and fast.
  • Our mobile application is on Google Play.