Magnetic Switches

Car Position Sensor for Re-Levelling and Door Pre-opening

  • ARCODE is used with the integrated elevator control unit. It provides cabin position information for level renewal and early opening of the door.
  • Each floor works with door zone magnets already in place.
  • Removes the necessity of additional magnet arrangement and magnetic switch installation in the well for level refurbishment.
  • In addition to level renewal sensors, there is also no need to use the door zone switcher as it includes 2 door zone detection sensors.
  • It is not necessary to change the position of the magnets to make precise level adjustments.
  • Provides 7.5 mm position accuracy with 20 magnetic sensors on it.
  • On-cab revision board is connected with 5 lines consisting of supply +, supply-, ML1, ML2 and serial position communication channels. No settings are required.
  • LiftSense is Arkel's patented product.