Arkel LCD240X128A-S digital elevator indicator

LCD Type
Monochrome Graph
Visible Area (mm) Length × Width
114 mm x 64 mm
240 x 128 Pixels
Video Playback
Not Available
Playing Music
Not Available
Voice Announcement
Not Available
Date and Time
Available (with ARL-500)
Not Available
Working Interface
Parallel signal CANbus Serial Communication (with ARL-500)
Working Position
Horizontal & Vertical (With Arcode)
Programming Shape
With PC Cable Connection
Language Options
Turkish and English
  • 64 stop supports (Compatible with ARL-700 and Arcode CANbus system)
  • Can be used as cabin or floor display
  • Support for Gray code, Binary code, Arkel counter system, 7-segment display and CANbus (only with ARL-500 control system)
  • Programmable from 4-button on its own menu or from PC with LCD240128A Uploader software
  • Ability to program each individual image individually
  • Programmable moving / stationary arrow indication
  • Programmable moving / still subtitle
  • Programmable out-of-service and overload images
  • Programmable logo images
  • Can use characters such as -, B, L, Z for station names
  • Ability to save, change and restore settings made with computer software
  • Choose from among the pictures available in its library or use your own pictures
  • Signal partner can be used as positive or negative
  • Date and time display (only in CANbus mode with ARL-500 control system)