Emergency Rescue Systems

Makes it possible to evacuate passengers by opening the door automatically after bringing the elevator from the position between two floors to the floor level in case of a blackout.

Drive Type Adaptation
All Asynchronous Motorized Systems with Single Speed ​​and Double Speed ​​Control can be applied to speeds up to 1.6 m/s.
Energy Use
5 Units 12V / 7Ah maintenance-free Batteries, Smart Battery Charging System Serves For Years
Dil Seçenekleri
Turkish and English

Advantages of AKUS SD COMBI System

User Interface

Ease of Use

Thanks to the LCD display on the card, the system parameters such as maximum cruising speed, automatic door type, motor driving frequency, door opening interval, commissioning delay and language can be easily changed.

System information and fault indications are indicated on the internal LCD screen.

  • Compatible with all kinds of control panel
  • Supports all automatic door systems
  • Open loop operation. There is no need to connect a sensor to the motor
  • Start delay can be adjusted for generator buildings
  • Easy rescue (up with empty cabin, downward with full cabin)
  • Motor riding frequency and motor torque can be adjusted from the menu for smooth start-up