KM 20

Door Controller Cards

Input Supply Voltage
Maximum Power Consumption
10W (Control Circuit) + Motor power
Feed Protection
Fuse Protected (8A)
Language Options
Turkish, English and Greek
Standard Interface
2 Pieces, 7-Segment Display, 4 Button
Audible Warning
With the Buzzer
Dimensions (mm)
116 x 160 x 50 (Width x Length x Height)
1 Programmable Input Internal Battery Charge

Advantages of Using KM 20 SCR System

Full Domination

Motor Domination

Full control of the motor with 4-zone motor control Advanced parameters for motor identification

Door Movements

High Comfort

High comfort with true S softening on the navigation ramps

Automatic Door Status Detection

No Limit Shalter Required

Serial door movements with limit switch unnecessary algorithm. Door width, door open-close positions are detected automatically 


Power Interruption

Battery and DC Supply

It can work with 2 12V battery supply or 24VDC external power supply. The type of emergency feed is easily selectable with the jumper on the card

Battery Check

Card Support

The acupuncture is made by the card. After emergency door opening with battery supply, the card will go to sleep, preventing the discharge of the pacemakers completely

Closed Doors Up to Floor Level

Battery Charging System

If the elevator is not in the door opening area with the floor signal, it is ensured that the doors are kept closed to the level of the floor in the cordless crawler systems

Possible Door Jam

When the door is jammed, the buzzer is turned back on. The jamming is passed slowly through the perceived zone to prevent damage to the passengers and the door

Application Flexibility

Wide Parameter Capability

For manufacturers, parameters such as motor reduction ratio, engine revolutions, drive pulley circumference, spoon opening zone, etc. can be entered for application flexibility

User Settings

For user settings, defined speed settings in centimeters per second and defined ramp paths in centimeters can be specified

Pressure Settings

Variability According to Need

Door open and closed holding pressure, door jam detection can be adjusted according to the need of the press

Fully Integrated Operation

Isolated Inputs / Outputs

Isolated inputs and relay outputs for fully integrated operation with control panels


Detailed setting and status monitoring with KM-20 Keypad (Optional)

Access to the Menu


In terms of security, necessary needs and ease of setup, access to the menu has been authorized. Different levels of authority have been assigned to access the menu: producer level, basic level and restricted level

Door Operation Attachment

Counter Support

Operation of the door can be monitored by the on/off counter

Other Features


Engine Type

24V Reducing DC Motor
Engine Output Power Max. 200W (8A)
Motor Control Shape 4 Zone Control
Engine Protection Overload and Short Circuit Protection
Encoder Type 2 Channel Incremental Encoder (Can not be operated with single channel encoder)
Encoder Voltage 5 VDC
Resolution Any Model Between 100-2048 pals
Battery Supply 2 pieces 12V / 1.2Ah Battery
Battery Protection Fuse Protection (5A)
Door Width and Speed 50 cm-300 cm/Max. 50 cm/s
  • Door fully open / fully closed
  • Door jam or photocell active output
  • Relay contact output. For 3A, 250VAC or 30VDC
  • Door open / close signal
  • Slow signal / fast signal
  • Photocell signal
  • Ground signal
  • Active with 24VDC
  • Suitable for use on fire lift doors (High speed signal input can be detected)
  • The door can be fully opened, completely closed, and contact outputs with jam / photocell detection for fully integrated operation with the control panels
  • With slow speed signal input, the photocell signal is not taken into consideration in long time photocell cutting and the doors are closed at slow speed and with audible warning (Nudging mode)