SP16 card lets using control panels such as ARCODE or ARL500 that can work with serial installment in buildings with parallel networks. With one card, totally 16 floors in one-way and totally 9 floors in two-way are supported and more floor support can be provided by building SP16 cards as cascade. They can be used in existing parallel installments with 7-segments and grey code outputs.

Input Supply Voltage
Maximum Power Consumption
1W Outputs Passive
Record Outputs
Max. 200mA 24V
7 Segment Outputs
Max. 400mA 24V
Gray Code Outputs
Max. 200mA 24V
Record Inputs
Max. 10mA 24V
Dimensions (mm)
205 x 100 x 50
  • Call button support  for Single pick-up up to 16 stops and for double pick-up tup to 9 stops
  • 7-Segment Exits (9 Exits) and 2x7-segment display
  • Gray Code Exits (5 Exits)
  • Predefined (out of service, busy, down and up direction) relay outputs (4 Pcs)
  • Work with ARL500 and ARCODE systems.
  • Easy programming with dip switch